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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Belated Updates! No.1- Napoleonics....

I'm very conscious that the blog has been getting a bit dusty of late, mainly due to the ease of uploading stuff straight to the Facebook page, versus the ballache that is trying to upload pictures to here. However, I am trying to rectify this...!

First of all, you may remember a couple of posts ago (so, read "several months") I alluded into a foray into Napoleonics. well, this didn't last very long, as I soon remembered why I don't paint much in the way of Napoleonics! However, I did get a few more of my Perrys' 28mm Redcoats finished, and I'm quite pleased with how they've came out so far.

Rifleman- Forward the 95th!
This was the first chap out the box I painted, probably some time around 2010. He came out rather well...

First of the 44th- The Essex Ploughboy Abroad.
This chap was painted about 3 years ago for The Guild "Red" Group Build competition. Snared me 3rd place, much to my surprise! Well chuffed with this guy.

And on to the actual recent stuff! These miniatures were the ones I painted over the summer/autumn. First up was another private. I was keen to portray an "on campaign" look for these guys, so wanted a nice, faded hue for this soldier's jacket. I think it turned out quite well...

Follow me, lads, for I cannot die! The Sergeant-
For a bit of a change, I decided to do the Sergeant with his 9ft pike next. Bags of swank in this figure, you can just feel the confidence.... "Sign up lads, sign up! You'll get a shilling a day and a spanking red coat. The girls'll love it!"

I did make a start on another figure (well, started sticking him together...) and even got some opposition for them, in the shape of French dismounted dragoons; if I told you that I also obtained some old GW plastic Space Wolves tails, would you guess where I'm going with this....? However, as it was, I ended up tempted back into mediaevals, and painting the Otterburn figures that I was posting up previously. I will return to painting Naps at some stage, but exactly when is anyone's guess...


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