The Roaring Northerners are Dave Stewart, John Hill and Iain Robertson; a loose affiliation of tabletop wargamers and figure painters who inhabit the frozen and somewhat soggy wastelands of west central Scotland. Shadowy and secretive, they stoically quest to reduce the scale of the lead mountain that threatens to engulf them all, and perhaps even find the time for the occasional game...
....This is their story

Monday, 16 December 2013

Scottish/Pictish allies.

As promised.

Allies for the 15mm project.

Shamelessly self indulgent, but I like the faces and the use of one colour combination gives the shield designs a certain unity for the group I feel.

Comments pro and con most welcome.


Friday, 13 December 2013

Crouching Squaddie, Hidden ATGM...

Finished, and as requested, now mit base!

Just the spotter/command element to do now, Soviets also progressing nicely...


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

More Soviet Progress

Yesterday saw the Command pack finished and the first of the BMP dismounts ready for basing. Quite pleased with how their looking so far. Still need to add an aerial to the Radio-operator's backpack.

Since there's only 6 dismounts from a BMP, I've discovered I've got enough figures in the stash to do another squad without ordering reinforcements yet!

Some more pics over on the other blog.


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Lightbobs n stuff.

8 more elements for the 15mm project.
Archers and slingers.
A bit boring but some of the best 15mm faces I have managed to date.

Also some overall pictures of the full project so far.
52 elements.
Not much left in the original Essex box now!

Fun, and I look forward to putting them on the table as we have several long term ambitions for using them.
But probably it is time to get back to 28mm for a while.


Wednesday, 4 December 2013


So, having spent the week so far laid up with the cold, I've managed to get the BAOR MILAN team finished and ready to base.

Again, this is the Elhiem offering, and it's a cracker, as we've come to expect from the talented hands of Matt Hingley. This was the first of the British support weapon packs released (as BAOR03), and the subsequent SF GPMG and 81mm Mortar have been just as nice.

I've been looking forward to doing the support weapons for a while, as the larger bases give me a chance to do little mini dioramas! Hooray!

The downside of being a horrible plague vector is that I've had to miss out gaming at the club tonight. Not that I'm worried aboutthe potential germ warfare side of infecting everyone else you understand; I just wouldn't want to to dribbling snotters all over anyone else's toys...


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Slow Progress...

...but that's the first Soviet sqaud ready for basing! Platoon Command by Elhiem (CWR08).

First effort with the new camera-phone. The camera itself appears to be a bit better, but the shape of the phone makes it harder to hold still for macro shots. Which is interesting...

Quite chuffed with the insignia so far, but whether I'll be able to keep it up is another matter...

Bases will be done to match the Cold War BAOR.