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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Late Imperial Romans.

An old project dusted off and repaired.

This late Imperial Roman army has actually seen quite a lot of table top action, most notably in several late empire Roman civil war games.

15mm. All figures are Essex miniatures. Painting and basing is all mine as are any anachronisms or errors.

Firstly The legions:

Brittanicus Seniores.
Herculani Iunores.
Armigeri Defensores.

Next two cohorts of auxiliaries from,
I Celtiberorum.

A unit of Gothic knights in Roman service.
I've always been a bit chuffed by the shield designs on these guys.

The Emperor with his escort of Equites Singulares.

Followed by a Scholae Clibanarii.

Light horse:

Equites Dalmatae.
Scholae Sagitarii.

Finally the light infantry archery screen for the army.

With luck I will get these boys out on the table top again sometime soon, that are always fun to play.

Hope they are of interest.

As ever any comments pro and con gratefully received.



Sunday, 4 January 2015

First of 2015- BRDM-2 Finished!

Happy New Year to all, and best wishes for 2015! So, hopefully Santa brought you all plenty of lead/ plastic/ resin/ figure casting medium of choice, and you get plenty of time to indulge in it...

Over the last week or so I've been able to be fairly busy on the modelling front, and have made some progress on a few fronts.

First up, the BRDM-2 was finally finished off!

Quite pleased with how this has turned out, overall. I know the Guards markings would most likely have been painted out in the event of hostilities, but the version supplied by S-Model omitted the white infil, and as such looked like a sort of "Low-vis" version, suitable for field use, so I kept it in, to avoid the vehicle being a plain green blob....

So that's a total of 1 Russkie vehicle finished, but it's better than nothing!

More to follow shortly.....