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....This is their story

Saturday, 24 October 2015

STARLIGHT! BAOR Saracen and land Rover 101FC Ambulances

Finally got the medical elements for my BAOR force finished, ready for the deadline of The Guild's "Ambulance" Group build.

Both are old JB Models pieces, with the Saracen being converted from the APC version. I'm quite pleased with how these have come out, though I am now more convinced than ever that decals are the work of the Devil...

I should be getting on with S&S Models lovely re-mastered CET, but after last week's Lion Rampant game, I can feel myself getting drawn back towards mediaevals again...



  1. Great looking vehicles...and always useful!

    1. Thanks Phil. Yep, expecting heavy casualties next time I face Dave's Czecks...