The Roaring Northerners are Dave Stewart, John Hill and Iain Robertson; a loose affiliation of tabletop wargamers and figure painters who inhabit the frozen and somewhat soggy wastelands of west central Scotland. Shadowy and secretive, they stoically quest to reduce the scale of the lead mountain that threatens to engulf them all, and perhaps even find the time for the occasional game...
....This is their story

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Back in The Room

After something of a hiatus, I've managed to get back in the painting swing. Production slowed to a minimum over the bulk of the summer, but here's a round up of what I did manage to do...


Another rocky outcrop was completed, as were some sections of bocage-type hedgrows; perfect for Skulking Badger's boys to ambush any passing unsuspecting redcoat supply carts, or for channelling 3rd Shock Army's tanks into the sights of waiting MILAN teams...

I made a start on, but didn't finish, some Big Ominous Rocks to surround the bigger outcrops. Shoulf make the whole thing slightly more geologically convincing; that and The Bear has to live somewhere...

Cold War Refugees

I've got a tonne of Sgts Mess Refugees sitting about waiting to be painted up and based in groups for future Cold War Gone Hot shennanigans. The sculpts are in fact designed more for WWII, and are clothed appropriately. However, since 1980's civilians that scale reasonably with 20mm wargames figures are rather thin on the ground, I decided that painting them to look suitably "80s" would be a fun challenge. I've made a start on three of them, which I'm quite chuffed with so far...

1980's Soviet Motor Rifles

Finally got the remaining 3 Motor Riflemen for the second squad. Relieved that they came out to a reasonable standard since I hadn't painted any in several months, they blend in with the remainder of the squad quite well.

It's a mystery....

And here's a quick sneak preview of a testbed subject for my planned project for this Autumn/ Winter. I wonder what it could be...

You'll just have to wait to find out...

However, all of the above has been thrown into disarray by John and Dave who have led me astray from the True Path of 20mm Cold War, and have strongarmed me into 15mm late dark ages/ early mediaeval, and abyss that is the Essex online catalogue.

Bad men that they are....


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Deus Vult!

Finally I have finished some of the Cavalry bases for the upcoming Invasion of Sicily campaign, which is busily morphing into an early Crusade campaign instead.

I am actually getting quite excited at the possibilities of this small campaign which will try out some very basic quickish play, campaign mechanics which we will home-brew and make use of small scale (DBA) type contacts to determine battle outcomes.

We are hoping this will allow a number of moves and battles to be carried out each time we manage to meet up so that the whole thing does not drag on too long. Also we hope to be able to run it all without the use of an Umpire. Also we need to allow for shifting alliances and dollops of treachery to take place!

Anyway back to the figures.

Cavalry are 15mm Old Glory, from their El-Cid range.

Later photos include associated Infantry which I have posted here before, but I think they look good together.

I have been experimenting with certain key colours to try to tie units together visually.

As always, any and all comments, pro and con, gratefully received.



Sunday, 24 August 2014

John's Gallery

A few months back I photographed some of John’s miniature collection for him up at the club. To my shame I’ve been unable to get these processed and put up any sooner! So, with apologies to Mr Hill, feast your eyes on some 15 & 28mm loveliness.

And one thing that’s important to understand before we go any further- there are no shield transfers or pre-printed banners anywhere in this article. Anywhere.  A true artist is our John…

15mm Hundred Years War

28mm  Hundred Years War

28mm Arthurian Command Group

28mm Ancient Egyptians

28mm Romans
These have got to be some of my favourite pieces that John’s done…

28mm Napoleonic French Marshalls

28mm Pictish Cavalry

Prickers! 28mm Tudor Cavalry

28mm Pictish Roundhouses
These are completely scratchbuilt and have to be seen to be believed!

28mm ECW Scottish Ensign
I fear I haven’t done this piece justice by a long shot. The standard is absolutely gorgeous…

John’s painting was one of my earliest inspirations to get back into wargaming after a hiatus of several years, and after several attempts to emulate his style, I gave up as it just wasn’t happening!

Iain (on behalf of John)