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Monday, 18 May 2015

Show Report- Carronade 2015

May sees Falkirk District Wargames Club’s annual Carronade show up at Graeme High School, always a cracker of a show if you can get along to it. This year was no different with 5 halls packed with traders, demo games, participation games, painting competitions, bring-and-buy and a generally great atmosphere.

I was up this year just as a punter, and took the opportunity to grab a few snaps as I wandered round…

A very nice looking desert board, with apologies to the club
responsible, I've waylaid my notes with who you are!
A truly beautiful Vietnam layout, featuring loads of airpower,
just what I like to see!
The civilian vehicles were also a winning touch.


Kirriemuir Wargames Club's outstanding St Albans board

Hall 1
Towton, a wonderfully snow Lion Rampant board,
featuring a 2-D terrain mat. I'm not usually a fan of these at all,
but this looked really good.
Hall 2
A seriously impressive 54mm Napoleonics game
Bolt Action in Stalingrad with the EK Warlords

Another Bolt Action board, this time in the Far East.
Extra points for that Rolls Royce!
Centre Hall
Hall 3
RAF Leuchars Veterans, always a great display from these guys
ACW isn't really my bag, but it never fails to look impressive
on the table, here with some wonderful artefacts
to add to the flavour....

Unfortunately, some of the pictures I took have somehow corrupted in transferring them to the PCs, so apologies to those I have missed, notably several traders, the 54mm mediaeval game and Bathgate Wargames Club's Skull Island game (definitely an award there for most colourful game!)

A great show, and as ever I was relieved of a not insignificant amount of cash through the wide array of shiny goodies on offer (which may one day morph into painted figures and terrain...).

Many thanks to Falkirk District Wargames Club for a wonderful day!


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