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Monday, 18 May 2015

Flame out, prepare to eject!

In the search for something meaningful to base a scenario round for Force on Force, I've been working on various waifs 'n' strays for the cold war. First on the list, a couple of RAF aircrew, who are most assuredly not having a good day.

Figures are modern Elhiem, painted up to give the impression of 1980s RAF Germany types (not strictly accurate, but good enough for 3-foot distant).

I can forsee some sort of scenario, whereby the pilots start the game in the middle of the table (possibly moving about randomly with the aid of a scatter dice, until they enter optimum range of either side), with a NATO rescue party closing in from one side and a Soviet sweeper team from the other, with the objective of carting the luckless aviators back to their respective table edges (with the neccessary dependents penalties being enforced on whatever unit currently has custody of the fliers).

It does, however, still remain for us to get a sufficient handle on the rules to allow basic gameplay, before we get totally carried away with ourselfves...


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