The Roaring Northerners are Dave Stewart, John Hill and Iain Robertson; a loose affiliation of tabletop wargamers and figure painters who inhabit the frozen and somewhat soggy wastelands of west central Scotland. Shadowy and secretive, they stoically quest to reduce the scale of the lead mountain that threatens to engulf them all, and perhaps even find the time for the occasional game...
....This is their story

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Just a bit of fun.

28mm chickens to enhance our FaIW tables. Supplied by Warbases and at £1.50 for the lot I couldn't resist.

Also acquired at the time sheep and farm dogs, just to make the settlement look more authentic. And a rowing boat for transport. The table will look good, but I'm not sure if we're getting a bit fiddly for actual play!

Believe it or not I did spend some time researching the look of 18th century chickens, though I don't doubt that if they make an appearance in a mediaeval game, someone will point out that they are the wrong type of chicken!

Next up I'm working on some 15mm Normans for an upcoming campaign.

As ever comments welcome.....keep 'em clean though!



  1. Oh yes. We are going to have one helluva F&IW board. If we ever get it all finished. Was looking through the stuff I got at Albanich for the fort/ stockade. may heve overdone it a touch...

    Tremendous job on the chickens, ir all adds to the character!