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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Carronade 10/05/2014.

The Falkirk Wargames Club show 'Carronade' has become one of the highlights of the Scottish calendar over the last few years. All three of us were hoping to attend, but it seems shift patterns never allow more than any random two of us to be in one place at the same time! This time it was John and me who were the lucky ones.

The organisers at the club had outdone themselves this year with a superb range of both club tables and traders. New faces and established names in both categories made for a great day out as ever.

The Graeme High School site has up till now seemed roomy and comfortable for the show, yet this year for the first time, despite the size of the site it just started to seem a bit cramped, despite having two main halls and a connecting corridor downstairs and two further small halls in use upstairs. We arrived about half an hour after doors opened and had to sneak the car into a space where maybe it shouldn't have been as the school car parks were already chokker. A fantastic problem for the club to have to deal with long term!

First up I will show some of the tables I found interesting. I have to stress there were a large number of club tables which are not covered here. This is no reflection on them as I really think the overall standard was as good as I have ever seen at a show, but there is only so much I can post here.

Firstly, the redoubtable club from RAF Leuchars produced yet another entertaining participation game. This time it was a Dambusters raid and involved the participants piloting a Lancaster down the Lake to blow up the dam at the end. Suitable headwear was provide for each crew and much fun had by all.

Next Durham Wargames Club and their Huge Napoleonic table 'Once upon a time in the Low Countries'.... 54mm for heaven's sake! Huge amounts of painting and very impressive.

Here is South East Scotland Wargames Club's D-Day game in 28mm. Complete with accoutrements and working lighthouse.

Next up Kirriemuir and a beautiful 28mm Ancient Greek game called 'Heads I win tails you lose'. Some superb figure painting here which I fear I have not done justice to.

Tradeston WGC a recently established club with a nice ACW game in 28mm. 'The Battle of Krayser's Farm'.

Westerhope WGG brought their '1984 Battle for Trafalgar Square' an interesting what if game complete with flickering lights under the smoke.

Dunfermline WC and one of two Bannockburn games on the day. Nicely presented and again some lovely figures.

Dingwall WGC and a 28mm participation game 'Tuffnalls Bridge'. Loosely based on Pegasus Bridge, this was nicely presented and very well staffed. much interest through the day. Complete with Para Patches for the victorious!

Gourock WGA and an ACW naval game. A 'what if' assuming a French intervention.

Glasgow and District, and the second Bannockburn game of the day. This time a participation game entitled 'Break the Schiltron'.

Finally, we have Dumfries Wargames Club and a beautiful Samurai game in 28mm entitled 'Tajima at the Bridge'. The table was superb and the finishing touches supplied by the Japanese lanterns and especially the cherry blossom trees just made it. Contact Jim Wallace ( sorry Jim, lack of sleep! ) for more information on how to obtain both.

Next some of the traders.

Aventine Miniatures. It is always a treat to talk with guys who are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their period and who are determined to maintain and expand a solid range rather than flitting about.

Ian at Eagle Miniatures who I am grateful to for being prepared to sell individual figures from his 28mm SYW range, allowing me to add specific items to the FaIW games.

David Holland from Northumbrian Tin Soldier. A new venture offering a range of 'Dark Fantasy' figures called 'Nightfolk', interesting grotesques which in the end I couldn't resist acquiring an example of...purely in the interests of research you understand!

Warbases (under the huddle left) from whom I was persuaded to acquire a range of 28mm chickens, sheep and farm dogs ( I kid you not!) as well as topping up my stock of MDF basing discs. I also acquired a 28mm rowing boat plus accessories from Games of War.

Apart from these guys there was a fine range of traders including of course Dave Thomas, Caliver, Last Valley, Colonel Bill etc, etc.........My self restraint was quite outstanding...though Mrs Stewart may not agree when she eventually unearths the stash!

Last but not least, the painting competition, well attended and to a superb standard.....

And the flea market....much sweat and rucksack jostling to be beholden, but good business conducted all day.

This was a great day out as ever and congratulations are due to the organisers who produced a superb  show. The only problems I can see are that it may be in danger of outgrowing it's already substantial venue and the canteen seemed to struggle at times with the demands of tubby wargamers, me very much included!

Comments as ever gratefully received.



  1. Great report mate, thanks for that! Gutted I couldn't make it, though. Won't make Claymore either this year...

  2. I'm not at all sure about Claymore either I'm afraid. Things may change though.