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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Red Tide Rolls Ever Onward

With the inevitability of a cattle show being held in a Royal Doulton outlet, progress on the 20mm Soviet Motor Rifles continues. Of late, I’ve finished the latest piece from the dread foundries of Elhiem, the Support Weapons pack CWR18, which contains a sniper with a Dragunov SVD, an air defence operator with an SA-7 Grail SAM, and a rifleman armed with an RPG-18, the Soviet equivalent of the ubiquitous M72 LAW. The sniper and Grail operator were both double based, to denote a weapons team, and I knocked out an additional Motor-rifleman, so I could paint two sets of three. Rain Man much…?

I added hoods to the sniper and his spotter, as they were going to be in camouflage smocks, rather than the drab khaki of the rest of the force, to mark them out as specialists...

...which would’ve worked better if I’d remembered to sculpt the spotter’s on before I’d started painting him! The spotter and Grail No.2 came form the NCO pack, as they seemed to offer ideal poses.

Prior to basing up, I took some shots of the figures from the pack, in order that Matt could use them as place holder images on his site until “proper” ones were done (which I’m very flattered to have been able to do)

I thought the helmet on the Grail No.2 looked as if it had a cover on it, so thought that would make a nice change to the bare bronze green of the rest…

…and finished!
Sniper Team

SA-7 Team

Faceless Pawns, er...I mean, Motor Riflemen.

The Gang’s all here!


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  1. To bloody nice Iain,it was great to see these guys in the flesh on Wednesday night.Superb job. John.