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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Shot Out!

I realise I’ve not put any updates on here in a while, so here’s the first of a few! After many months of swithering, I finally got the finger out and got on with doing the Perry Miniatures AWI 3pdr Butterfly Gun, for use with our French and Indian War Muskets & Tomahawks games.

Unusually for a Perry’s offering, this one was a bit of an abortion casting wise, with the figures being pretty horribly mis-aligned. However, after many hours with a needle file and scalpel, I think I managed to retrieve them!

Granted, they’re a bit on the early side for the F&IW, but not by much, and since the rest of my forces are from the same range anyway, at least they look unified!

Crew close-ups

Cheers for now


  1. Need to get these on the table soon Iain. How is the blockhouse coming along?
    I get the feeling I need to even things up on the French side!

  2. Blockhouse is waaaay down the list now mate. On to 15s, now, remember?!

  3. Ha,Ha trying to scare my trusty redskins? Were working on a bigger tomahawk! Nice job though. John.