The Roaring Northerners are Dave Stewart, John Hill and Iain Robertson; a loose affiliation of tabletop wargamers and figure painters who inhabit the frozen and somewhat soggy wastelands of west central Scotland. Shadowy and secretive, they stoically quest to reduce the scale of the lead mountain that threatens to engulf them all, and perhaps even find the time for the occasional game...
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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Recconaisance Report- The Red Menace has been sighted...

Just a quick preview here, I've recieved my first order of Cold War Soviet infantry from Elhiem, hopefully in time to get 10 painted for The Guild's current "Friend and Foe" painting challenge.

Once they're done, this will at least allow us to have a rather more convincing stab at running through the rules, rather than using two identical BAOR sections as was the case in our last debacle...

I'll hopefully also have a couple of vehicles to pair them up with as well...

Cheers for now


  1. Yup, the Sov's get a Dragunov SVD per platoon, so will need to get onto Elhiem to sculpt some Brits with L42s to even the playing field...

  2. Hello Comrades! Looks like I have finaly landed on planet technology and managed to join you.A truly horrible last fortnight at work and not a minute to myself.The site looks great Iain and I am sorry I missed the last FIW game it looked smart.Glad the Ancients game went well the pictures and write up were great.Overall I thought it looked and played impressively with a good historical feel to it.Anyway I hope you are receiving this and not just some roving Modern Caliphate spy satellite! I will get the hang of all this eventually until then the "Snorting Wolf" will still trust his old Runes and even older "World Web".

    1. Hi John. Good to hear from you!
      Good this innit!
      Iain's done a cracking job.

    2. Yes the site looks great Iain and those Soviets are tasty to.You aren't helping me you know!! John.

  3. Welcome aboard John! I thoroughly enjoyed that ancients game, mate, very well put together! looking forward to seeing some more of your stuff up here.