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Friday, 13 March 2015

Flags of War Freebies.

A recent fortunate turn of events (thanks to Ian Beal of EK Warlords) meant that I acquired a set of flags free from Flags of War.

I requested a selection from their superlative Harlaw range.

Below is the first of the resulting figure groups, which will certainly find their way onto the tabletop sometime soon, due to Iain's purchase of a set of Lion Rampant rules.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Alexander Stewart, Earl of Mar and Lord of Garioch, sometime North Sea pirate, noted horse breeder, famed jouster, commander in the 100 Years War and hero of the Red Harlaw......and his colour party.

28mm. Figures by Claymore Castings from their OT1 command pack. Flag from Flags of War.

As ever, all comments and criticisms welcome and appreciated.



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  1. Stonking mate! Will definitely have to do some Robertsons for a dust-up in the Highlands.... Just still not quite convinced how accurate the Claymore Castings Highlanders would be for clans outwith the Western Highlands/Isles...