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Friday, 12 December 2014

Cold War Update…

…the last of the year? Well hopefully not.  However, of late I’ve been trying to batter through some of the last remnants of half done stuff on the workbench.

The Soviet BRDM-2 has progressed a bit, and the weathering doesn’t look too bad, now that the rest of the vehicle has caught up with it a bit. Hopefully should have this finished by the end of the month, and thus allow the Soviets to start 2015 with at least some mobility….

Back in the West, I’ve finished the remaining two US infantrymen

Here they are with the rest of the fireteam

And the whole lot together. I’m quite chuffed with how cohesive they look, despite the two dramatically different kit and uniforms between the infantry and the LRRPs

With that being the end of the available infantry for the time being, I guess it’s time to start on the vehicles…


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