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Friday, 28 November 2014

OK, Some More Communism…

There are still some assorted Soviet items on the workbench just being finished off. These will be reinforcements for my main, temperate Central Front, Soviet force opposing my BAOR.

First up, the Elhiem AT-4/5 ATGM team.

Note, this has subsequently had the bushes added to the base that I forgot to do before photographing it…

Elhiem DShK HMG team

First Soviet vehicle, a BRDM-2 from S-Models. This is the first kit of theirs I’ve built and I must say I’m impressed. Lovely, crisp detail, quick construction, clear instructions, no flash or sink holes/ visible ejector pin marks and even PE parts! Also included is a comprehensive decal sheet allowing for various Warsaw Pact member states to be represented. And what’s more, you get 2 in a box! Two vehicles, with decals and PE parts and of the quality rendered really can’t be beat for about 12 quid. My one minor criticism would be that rather than the inclusion of PE parts (the bulk of which I’ve left off as too delicate for gaming purposes), I’d rather see S-Model reconsider the positioning of some of the moulding gates on some of the finer pieces (MG barrels and the shafts of the pioneer tools in particular) as these are almost impossible to remove or clean up without mangling. However, as noted, this is a minor and not insurmountable gripe.

At present, it’s still at the green stage of painting, and looks a bit scrappy. But hopefully that should change with successive highlights…

With yet more Soviet infantry on the horizon from Elhiem, I’m going to have to come up with an idea for shoehorning some more in, to justify buying all the poses… At the moment Naval Infantry are top of the list; at first they were going to be based the same as these guys for Central Front fun (or even Home Front shenanigans; the recent Elhiem RUC releases would do just dandy for mainland UK police…), but thinking about it logically, they may be better based to match my nascent Norwegian force (all three of ‘em!) to support planned Soviet operations on NATO’s northern flank….but that’s for another day.


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