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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Czechs in the post.

At our last meet up Iain supplied me with a six man squad of Elhiem 20mm Cold-War figures suitable to be painted up as Czechoslovakian Motorised Infantry.

They are super little sculpts and I just had to get on with them.

Yes I am aware that they would probably not be carrying the arm badges when going to war, but hey a bit of artistic licence never hurt anybody and that wee bit of colour really helps.

These guys are going towards our ongoing 'Force on Force' 'Cold War gone Hot' project, to help take on Iain's lovely BAOR forces.

Six man BMP dismount and PKM support (all weapons have Czech domestic designations but are basically the same as far as I have been able to ascertain).

Now I just need BMP and maybe another Czech vehicle.....Tatra trucks anybody?

Basing kept pretty basic for reasons of speed of completion.

As ever, all comments pro and con gratefully received.



  1. Looking good Dave and not a gherkin in sight!

  2. Lol. RPGherkin I fear! Surprisingly quick to do. Anyway, back to the Crusaders/FaIW/Fantasy/Mediaevals, (delete as applicable/catches my imagination)...