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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Deus Vult!

Finally I have finished some of the Cavalry bases for the upcoming Invasion of Sicily campaign, which is busily morphing into an early Crusade campaign instead.

I am actually getting quite excited at the possibilities of this small campaign which will try out some very basic quickish play, campaign mechanics which we will home-brew and make use of small scale (DBA) type contacts to determine battle outcomes.

We are hoping this will allow a number of moves and battles to be carried out each time we manage to meet up so that the whole thing does not drag on too long. Also we hope to be able to run it all without the use of an Umpire. Also we need to allow for shifting alliances and dollops of treachery to take place!

Anyway back to the figures.

Cavalry are 15mm Old Glory, from their El-Cid range.

Later photos include associated Infantry which I have posted here before, but I think they look good together.

I have been experimenting with certain key colours to try to tie units together visually.

As always, any and all comments, pro and con, gratefully received.




  1. Lovely job Dave and they looked even better in the flesh Weds.Looking forward to the games ahead.

  2. Looking good, Dave!

    Started undercoating the first couple of bases of Normans, we'll see how they come out...