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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

1914 Game.

More stuff from the vaults.
This time figures painted for a very early 1914 game.
This game was demoed at Dumfries show Three years ago.
These guys may get another run out soon, in honour of the anniversary.

All soft headgear, vim and vigour.

Each 1000 man Battalion which marched off the transport ships in France in August 1914 was reduced in a mere six weeks of action to, on average, 1 officer and 36 men as effective combatants.
Many Battalions simply ceased to exist. In doing so they imposed appalling casualties on their opponents and against all the odds held the line with their allies.

The more I read about that first few weeks the more remarkable the achievement seems.

A mixture of Great War Miniatures and Musketeer Miniatures figures. 28mm.

First, British Lancers.

Next 13 pounder and crew.

D sect, 4 Pln, A Coy, 1st Btn, The Gordon Highlanders.

1st Btn Machine gun section.
At this time only issued as 1 or at the very most 2 per battalion.

A Sect, 1Pln, B Coy, 1stBtn, Royal Sussex Regiment.

As ever comments welcome.


  1. Excellent work, mate. I'd forgotten you had as much Great War stuff as that!

    And is that some ghostly Czechoslovakians in the background?

  2. Yep! I'm still trying to figure out how to represent rain drop camo! Hoping to hear from John over the weekend about his shifts for Dumfries.

  3. Still lusting after a Rolls-Royce armoured Car to go with these guys,Lol.

  4. I believe Sloppy Jalopy bay do one. I know they have a range of 28mm WWI vehicles (including the famous buses...)