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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


So, having spent the week so far laid up with the cold, I've managed to get the BAOR MILAN team finished and ready to base.

Again, this is the Elhiem offering, and it's a cracker, as we've come to expect from the talented hands of Matt Hingley. This was the first of the British support weapon packs released (as BAOR03), and the subsequent SF GPMG and 81mm Mortar have been just as nice.

I've been looking forward to doing the support weapons for a while, as the larger bases give me a chance to do little mini dioramas! Hooray!

The downside of being a horrible plague vector is that I've had to miss out gaming at the club tonight. Not that I'm worried aboutthe potential germ warfare side of infecting everyone else you understand; I just wouldn't want to to dribbling snotters all over anyone else's toys...



  1. Pics when they are based!
    Yellow warning markings at 20mm ya bugger!!

  2. Heheh, cheers Dave! they're mainly conjectural, but they look reasonably convincing!