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Sunday, 24 November 2013

SITREP- the Bear stirs...

Following the previous grainy images obtained by a high-level U-2 overflight, an RAF Canberra was dispatched to carry out more detailed low-level recconaissance, following reports of Soviet Forces massing on the Lanarkshire front...

In other words, I've taken some better pictures of the Elhiem Soviets I've been working on.

These come from the Platoon Command pack, and have so far came out alright. The drab WWII style fatigues, with the full colour insignia, provide a nice contrast to the modern DPM uniforms of the british infantry they'll be facing across the table.

Currently got these plus another 6 I'm hoping to finish by the middle of next month. And once I obtain a BMP or 2 (and some FV43s), we can hopefully crack on with some further efforts at the Cold War rules...



  1. Great stuff Iain! Looking forward to seeing these. How many figures and vehicles are you thinking of producing? A couple of 432s and BMPs will produce a really good looking table.

  2. The idea is an infantry platoon on either side, with appropriate transport (FV432s and BMP-2s, respectively), with apropriate attached support elements (MILAN, 81mm Mortars & SF GPMGs for the Brits; AT4s, DShK & Mortars for the Soviets) again with appropriate transport. A troop of MBTs on either side (ideally Chieftains and T-64s, but possibly Challengers and T-80s), topped off a smattering of more esoteric vehicles here and there.

    Might take a while!

  3. Wow! That's going to get tasty on an 8x4! Will look great!
    Do we get heliborne anti-tank and fast jet airstrikes, and off table Arty as well?
    lol, been looking at Cold War gamer's blog.